My speaking style has been described as gentle, vulnerable and authentic. A mentor has given me the title “The Irreverent Reverend.” One reason is because connection is important to me, so my focus is on making every person in my audience feel validated. Why? It can be hard to reconnect with family or community within stressful life events. Therefore, my hope is that being real not religious can help us all to connect for growth. To get a sense of my style, listen or watch here.

Faith Positive Radio

Listen as Elizabeth shares with Dr. Joey three questions to ask for immediate change. She also offers ways to help them find a safe space of hope and faith to protect themselves from caregiver fatigue.

Extraordinary Moms

Today my guest is Elizabeth Adams. She is a mom to grow children and now she’s in a season where she is caring for her parents and her in-laws. She has learned a lot from the experience and she has written a book to help educate others on caring for loved ones well.

Bold Idea

Elizabeth’s journey of learning to care for her mother and her adult children while still maintaining her own personhood is one that many of us can relate to.

Kingdom Crossroads

Elizabeth helps us to ponder some of the reason our present society does not look favorably on the “extended family” that lives together.

Family Culture Movement

Earlier this year, Michael and I committed to growing our own business and quit the toxic environment of his day job. It was a tough decision but we were prayerful and determined.

Men of Abundance

Caring for Aging Parents, Adult Children and Ourselves with Elizabeth B Adams